FM’s musical 2021: Best of Broadway


Aum Patel

Students perform “Raise Your Voice” in this year’s musical.

A student technician checks the sound prior to the performance.
Jay Korter checks the mics in the tech booth. (Aum Patel)

FM’s Spring Musical did in fact happen this year! Best of Broadway was a selection of Broadway music and scenes, with songs from musicals that included Phantom of the Opera and Guys and Dolls.

Many people wondered how the FM music department would put on this year’s spring musical due to COVID-19 restrictions. The CDC’s updated guidelines state that “in school, students may sit three feet apart,” meaning performers should be spaced six to twelve feet apart. Outside of performing, students wore a face covering, and the audience did as well. New quarantine measures say that to be quarantined, you must have been in the same room as someone with Covid for two hours. Rehearsals for the musical were an hour and a half long, making sure to follow this rule.

This year, one part of the musical I thought was interesting was the way the actors used props. Props were all projected onto the stage, with the exception of a black backdrop, painted by the musical’s tech crew. Having the props be all projections allowed actors to utilize them, as well as follow the CDC’s current COVID-19 guidelines. The black backdrop also added to the performances, as the projections were much easier to see.

The Tech Crew was great as well and did a fantastic job keeping the behind the scenes part of the show running smoothly. They proved that Covid wasn’t going to stop them from having a well run production. “I think that the directors have taken what seemed like a huge setback, and turned it into something that showcased the talented performers even more,” said Minerva Miller, a 9th grader on this year’s tech crew.

However, the true highlight of this year’s musical was the spectacular ending. The cast’s rendition of A New World was, frankly, amazing and was a huge success. It was live streamed, as well as performed in front of a small audience. The musical was led by Mr. Hebert, Mrs. Bizup, Ms. Marisa, and Mr. Mendez, and featured a wonderful cast and crew of promising talent. It was a highly impressive event that definitely showcased the best of FM’s music department!