A new Cohort C for a new school year


OCM Boces

School buses from multiple school districts drop students off at the BOCES Henry campus.

As a new school year begins, it brings with it many changes. We will not be seeing Cohorts A, B, and C, and, unlike last year, the fully remote option will not be taught by FM teachers. While there will still be a Cohort for the remote students, it will be run through OCM BOCES during the 2021-2022 school year. 

The district worked hard over the summer to develop a way for both the in-person and the remote students to learn. Previously, a dedicated day of remote learning was given for teachers to transfer materials online, which is now cut out with the transition to five days of in person learning.  OCM BOCES will take over teaching online students so that they can receive continuous remote education. 

BOCES’ remote education assists the needs of the students who are medically unable to attend in-person instruction. Each student must turn in a physician signed physical statement that says that he or she is unable to return to in-person instruction because of a medical condition

The online program will have many certified faculty members to remotely educate the students. The district has purchased 25 seats in the BOCES program. 

Once students are enrolled in BOCES’ remote option, they must stay in the program for the entire 2021-2022 school year. The flexibility for a student to move between the in-person and virtual instruction will no longer be offered.

OCM BOCES is also not able to provide all of FM’s electives to the remote students because the program is offered to a total of 23 school districts, making it impossible to guarantee the availability of certain courses.

We learned from last year that our student body is resilient and can adapt to the changes that the new year will bring. Let’s hope this year brings less adjustments and restrictions and many more good memories.