November Monthly Mini-Read


Happy November!

Here are some of the notable events that are associated with November– Noviembre, Novembre, Novembro, Noiembrie, you get the point…



Five U.S Presidents (James Polk, Warren G. Harding, James Garfield, Zachary Taylor, Joe Biden), James Naismith (inventor of basketball), Emma Stone, Madame Curie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Jimmy Kimmel, Owen Wilson, Miley Cyrus, Oscar Robertson, Bo Jackson, and everyone’s favorite, Bill Nye.



Nov. 1st – All Saints’ Day

Nov. 1st-2nd – Day of the Dead

Nov. 8th – Election Day

Nov. 11th – Veterans Day

Nov. 24th – Thanksgiving


  • Between November 2nd and 11th, 1889, four new states were admitted to the U.S (North and South Dakota, Montana, and Washington)
  • Nellie Ross of Wyoming becomes the first female governor (Nov. 4, 1924)  
  • Susan B. Anthony voted on election day, against the laws at the time (Nov. 5, 1872)
  • The world famous game, Monopoly, was invented (Nov. 5, 1935). Well, this is a seemingly never-ending game, so perhaps if a person started playing right when the game came out, the game might not have ended yet…
  • After experimenting with electricity, Wilhelm Rontgen accidentally discovered x-rays  (Nov. 8, 1995). Why is it that whenever someone isn’t trying to find something, they find it?
  • Einstein receives the Nobel Prize in Physics (Nov. 9, 1921) 
  • McDonalds makes its 50 billionth hamburger (Nov. 20, 1984). Now, the fast food chain is estimated to have made over 300 billion. Just imagine the amount of fries they’ve made…
  • Rebecca Latimer Felton of Georgia becomes the first female US senator (Nov. 21, 1922) 
  • Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK, and two days afterwards, Oswald was killed on live TV (Nov. 22, 1963) 
  • The first international soccer match was played between Scotland and England (Nov. 30, 1872). This was an extremely entertaining game, with the final score being a 0-0 draw…


As with any month, Sweet Potato Awareness Month (another name for November) has a boatload of both special and wacky days such as National Easy-Bake Oven Day (what???), Use Your Common Sense Day, World Toilet Day, and Zero Tasking Day (the point is to do nothing, which is like me everyday).