2022-23 FM Student Council election results


DM MC cameras

The mosh pit at Dance Marathon!

As the 2021-22 school year comes to a close, it is time for a new group of students to lead and represent our school. Student Council held elections for the upcoming school year on May 19th, and candidates made video speeches to run for office while the students voted via Google Forms. Winners were announced later that day, and classrooms cheered as they heard their classmates’ names over the loudspeaker.

“Honestly I was a little nervous,” Ebun Abolade, elected Senior/Junior Liaison, said about the video speech process, “but it was exciting because now I will be on Student Council, which is a big part of the school.” As a Liaison, Ebun will collaborate with the Junior and Senior class officers to develop relationships and work on events and activities.

Next year, Ebun says, “It’s going to be great…we are going to make a great team.”

Student Council is in charge of organizing various school events such as Dance Marathon, first day of school activities, MC selection, and homecoming. They are also in charge of planning fundraisers and choosing themes for the homecoming floats. Officers dedicate their  time and energy to represent their school, and take on a lot of responsibility for different activities. 

Katherine Brady, next year’s President, had wanted to run ever since her older sister Caroline was president during Katherine’s freshman year. “What I’ve learned from past Student Council presidents regarding their leadership is to manage your time,” Katherine said about her sister and others who have come before her. “It can get ridiculously stressful, especially in the time leading up to DM, but I’ve learned it’s important to put everything into perspective.” Katherine hopes to raise $100K for Camp Good Days next year to send as many kids to camp as possible. She realizes that what the school does for Camp Good Days is really special, and that “No matter what, we’re sending a bunch of kids to camp and that’s what really matters.”

Student Council is a student-run organization advised by Mrs. Campolieta, one of the high school’s guidance counselors. She is an integral part of DM planning and works alongside the students to plan events. She clearly has had a positive impact on the officers as well, as Katherine says, “What I’m really excited and thankful about for next year is being able to work with Mrs. Campolieta again. I literally love her.”

Below is the official list of the 2022-23 Student Council officers. Congratulations to all of them— we look forward to what they will do for our school community next year!


President, Katherine Brady

Vice President, Julia Comprix

Corresponding Secretary, Gretchen Brian

Recording Secretary, Mia Knuth

Treasurer, Haley Kim

Accountant, Michael Hance

AV Director, Mara McBride

Fundraising Co-Chair, Hilary Loh

Fundraising Co-Chair, Lily Pierce

PR, Max Danaher

Site Based Representative, Luciano DeRoberts

Junior and Senior Liaison, Ebun Abolade

Freshmen and Sophomore Liaison, Ritvik Mehta