Link Crew Day

Link Crew leaders prepare for the arrival of the first year students.

The crowd of first year students shouted in protest as Dr. Kilmer held up the twenty dollar bill in the air. The remains of the twenty dollar bill’s predecessor, a one dollar bill, was scattering and flying in the wind.

The dollar bill is a day of wasted opportunity here at the high school,” Dr. Kilmer said. “They pile up into four years, just like how the dollar bill adds to a twenty.” Thankfully, he didn’t rip up the twenty, but Dr. Kilmer’s kickoff to the 2021 Link Crew Day shook any last bit of grogginess from the students, new and old.

The new students then split up into groups with their assigned Link Crew leaders. Like previous years, each team decorated themselves with a unique spirit. There were patriots, rock stars, cowboys, Darth Vaders, and minions. This was Link Crew’s signature way of creating a fun environment, as the first day of school can be very stressful.

After the day was over, Link Leaders reflected on their experience that day. Senior Peilin Lu said, “Meeting all the amazing new students. It’s been great getting to know each and every one of them and welcome them to the school. I especially enjoyed the Life Story activity where we shared personal details and interests and got to understand each other on a deeper level.” Link Crew is a way for freshmen to familiarize themselves with the building, but also to get acquainted with the new atmosphere and feel comfortable with upperclassmen.

The first day of school is an exciting moment for both the freshmen and Link Leaders, but it is also the most nerve-wracking. “During freshman orientation, you can’t be too cool to participate, and you have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone to meet the freshmen halfway,” said Link Leader Cadence Panol about the impact of being a leader. With the Leaders’ open patience and the Freshman’s eventual eagerness, the day was another success.

Just as Link Crew Day marked the last year for the Seniors, it’s a reminder of the new class rising up in high hopes to fill the hole that will be left. “I’d say being a link leader was an opportunity to give back to the school community in ensuring that this year’s freshmen have a smooth start to high school,” Parisa Ahmed, a Senior Link Leader said, “like my leaders did for me.”

Best wishes class of 2025!  We have high hopes, and we know you will meet them with confidence.