Lesser known presidential candidates

One of the most critical decisions adult citizens get to make is electing the President. President Biden and former President Trump have already started to campaign and are regarded as the favorites for their parties’ nominations. However, due to the historic unpopularity of both candidates, many feel they have a shot at winning their respective parties’ nominations. These candidates are the ones that aren’t as well known, but still believe they can win.

One of the two Democrats challenging President Biden is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He’s the son of Robert Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy. Pundits say he may perform decently, but he’s made many controversial statements regarding the efficacy of vaccines, which he must clarify throughout the campaign. His political affiliation is hard to describe, as it appears on some things he’s running to the conservative end of Biden, such as COVID-19 and border security but on other topics, he runs more to the progressive end, such as healthcare and national security policy. His main issues are what he describes as “Ending the corrupt merger of state and corporate power,” ending US involvement in foreign entanglements and environmental conservation.

The other Democrat running is Marianne Williamson, a spiritual teacher and former candidate in the 2020 election. Unlike her opponent, Williamson’s vision is much clearer. She is the progressive alternative to President Biden, with the vast majority of her platform being in unison with prior presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Pundits point to Williamsons’ potential appeal to young voters as her main route to her already small chance of victory, as was Sanders’ main support base. Her main issues are tuition-free college, Medicare for all and expanding union power.

Vivek Ramaswamy is one of many republicans seeking the presidency. Ramaswamy is the only millenial in the race so far, being only 37. Ramaswamy is an entrepreneur and author, with no prior political experience. He has received increased media coverage due to his fiery tone, articulate style and unapologetic defense of his positions. He describes himself as a nationalist and believer in American first. His main issues are what he describes as “ending wokeness in capitalism and government,” strengthening national identity and countering China internationally.

Tim Scott is a Republican senator from South Carolina. Scott’s campaign so far has been faith based, calling for Americans to unite under God and to move across partisan lines. Pundits say Scott’s best route to victory is appealing to religiously motivated voters and Republicans who may be dissatisfied with Trump-like Republicans. Scott is regarded as a rising star in the party and if Scott were elected, he would be the first African-American Republican President. His main issues are border security, reducing inflation and unifying the nation.

These candidates may not be favorites, but it’s important to note that many elected past presidents did not begin as the favorites either – notably Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Electing a president is very important, so it is vital to do your research before voting.