The hive expands!


The Buzz goes live online today!

With everything going virtual this year, it seems only fitting that The FM Buzz goes virtual as well. Have no fear, because is finally live! On March 16, 2021, exactly one year since FMHS closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FM’s student-run newspaper launches its website, expanding its online presence.

In addition to publishing its monthly print editions, The Buzz will now be regularly uploading articles to its website, This will make for a much more up-to-date newspaper that is able to report on breaking news topics in addition to its usual, less time-sensitive content. The website format, which was selected by Buzz advisor Mr. DeForest in collaboration with the Buzz leadership staff, features articles in each of the categories that the print editions have, as well as updates on FM sport statistics, links to The Buzz’s various social media handles, and staff profiles.   

The site is mobile friendly, but you can also get the app from Student News Source on your device to receive push notifications as new articles come out.

While the website is just getting started in terms of the content it produces, be on the lookout for more regularly published articles and updates, as well as fun polls and surveys that readers can participate in.