Pro-Sports Predictions (NFL week 4 and MLB Regular season)

Major League Baseball: Starting Friday Sep. 30 almost every MLB team will begin there second to last regular season series. I’m here to pick a handful of teams that are fighting to get a playoff spot and give you my predictions on the outcome of each series. In the Al starting at 7:07pm on 9/30 the Boston Red Sox will be at Toronto for a three game series. The Blue Jays have had a great season having more wins then losses and have stayed consistent by winning a few games than losing one. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has had a good season batting an average of .275 with 30 HR. He’s projected to get 89 runs and at 85 right now, I can see him getting into the low 90s for runs.  On the other hand the Red Sox have had a rough season with a losing record, maintaining a pattern of losing a few games in a row than winning the next couple of games. Now Xander Bogarts has had a mixed season batting a .315 with only 14 HR. He’s projected to get 89 runs, but with 83, I can’t see him getting above 90 runs. If this pattern for the Red Sox continues, I predict that the Blue Jays will take the series winning 2 games to 1. 

Moving to the NL, the Miami Marlins will be in Milwaukee for a 4 game series starting on Thursday at 7:40pm. Milwaukee has a low chance of making it to the playoffs this year but that doesn’t mean they’re a bad team, with a 82-71 record the Brewers have held there heads high. On the opposite side the Marlins have had a terrible season going 63-90, having one of the worst records in the MLB. But they have acknowledged that they need a change in leadership, and Don Mattingly won’t be appearing as manager for the Marlins next year. For the second game of the series, the pitching matchup is Alcantara for MIA and Burnes for MIL. Now Alcantara has had a good season with a 14-8 record, a 2.32 ERA, and 199Ks. For the Brewers, Burns has also had a good year with a 11-8 record, a 3.11 ERA, and 231Ks. Looking at the Brewers past this year I predict Milwaukee will win the series 3-1. 


National Football League: With week 4 right around the corner, I want to talk about the best team in each conference starting with the NFC. The Philadelphia Eagles have definitely surprised fans going 3-0 and putting on a great show for people to watch. In week three Devonta Smith put on a show with 8 REC, 169 yards, and having 1 receiving touchdown. After he scored 30.9 points in fantasy football this week, I definitely regret not starting him. In week 4 the Eagles face off with the Jacksonville Jaguars who are 2-1, they definitely are showing off what they can do. For Christian Kirk in week 3, he didn’t put on a show like Smith did with only 6 REC, 72 yards, and 1 receiving touchdown. But that was only one game and with the total yards he has at 267, this week 4 wide receiver matchup could be fun to watch. Now although the Jaguars have won the last two games, I predict the Eagles will win week four because they have shown that they don’t mess around. 

Shifting over to the AFC the Miami Dolphins will face the Cincinnati Bengals in Cincinnati. The Dolphins are doing something right, going 3-0 and shocking the Bills with a victory over them in week 3. Tua Tagovailoa had 186 passing yards and 1 TD against the Bills, and having the 2nd most passing yards in the NFL, Tua and the Dolphins can go far if they keep up the momentum they have right now. On the other hand, the Bengals have had a questionable start to the 2022 season. Going 1-2 into week 4 the former AFC champions haven’t really lived up to that title. Joe Burrow hasn’t had that great of a start as Tua had but in week 3 against the Jets he had 275 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. I can tell that Joe Burrow is just warming up and I feel like in the next couple of weeks Joe and the Bengals will bite back. This is why I predict that the Bengals will win week 4 against the Dolphins.