October Monthly Mini-Read

As the leaves change their colors, here are a few facts about what the tenth month of the year, October, has in store. 


BIRTHDAYS: October holds the birthdays of modern and historical figures, such as Pablo Picasso, John Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Bob Ross, Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Bruno Mars, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, and many more. Quite the variety of people. 



Oct. 4th to Oct. 5th – Yom Kippur

Oct. 10th – Columbus Day, Indigenous People Day, Canadian Thanksgiving

Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 – National Hispanic Heritage Month

Oct. 31st – Halloween



  • Walt Disney World opens (Oct. 1 1971)
  • Washington Monument officially opens (Oct. 9, 1888)
  • Pac-Man arcade game first launched (Oct. 10, 1979). Just think about how far we have come in terms of the video game business.
  • The Executive Mansion is renamed the White House (Oct. 12, 1901). I didn’t even know there was a different name back than, but it sounds a bit fancier. 
  • Theodore Roosevelt is almost assassinated, and delivers a speech with the bullet still inside him. (Oct. 14, 1912) What saved him from being shot was actually his 50 page speech, which absorbed the impact of the bullet instead of it reaching his heart. And he still had the strength to complete his speech…
  • MLK Jr. is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (Oct. 14, 1964)
  • The U.S purchases Alaska for 7.2 million dollars from Russia (Oct. 18, 1867)
  • Thomas Edison’s first electric lightbulb is successfully tested (Oct. 21, 1879)
  • United Nations is founded (Oct. 24, 1945)
  • Michael Jordan returns to the NBA after a 3 ½ years of retirement (Oct. 30 2001)
  • Harry Houdini dies, Mount Rushmore is completed, Nevada becomes 36th state (all Oct. 31). I guess Halloween isn’t all about the ghosts and sugar-coated candies…


Ever wake up and wonder what day it is? October is filled with unique celebrations, such as International Day of Nonviolence, World Farm Animals Day, National Badger Day, World Food Day, Pay Back and Friend Day, INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY, and the most special of them all, Recycle Your Mercury Thermostat Day (October 24th, mark your calendar).