Tri-M welcomes new members during induction ceremony


Marissa Zhai

The 2021-2022 Tri-M officers pose for a picture after the induction ceremony

The stage is set up for the 2022 Tri-M Induction ceremony
The stage is set up for the 2022 Tri-M induction ceremony (Hannah Park)

On June 6th, 2022, Tri-M Music Honor Society welcomed 25 apprentices to become members. Tri-M brings FM students together from across the music wing to serve their community through their service and leadership. This year, apprentices and members ushered for school concerts and musicals, filmed “Happy Birthday” videos for staff members, and created flashcards to help elementary students in the district learn musical terms. 

While completing service projects, students in Tri-M connected with each other and formed new friendships through a mutual love for music. Tri-M Secretary Lucy Gamble said, “I truly enjoyed working with such a wonderful group of people this year in Tri-M. It is a place where I feel comfortable to express my own love of music and just be myself. I thank the officers for making it such an open atmosphere and the members for making it one of my favorite clubs!” 

Several Tri-M members also received the designation of “Master Musician,” an award given to highly accomplished members of the FM Music Department. Gene Balian, Amelia Chin, Lucas Gascón, Bianca Lucas, Ainsley Puc, and Natalie Roswick received the award this year. Additionally, Mars Wu received the award for “Outstanding Service” for going above and beyond to serve the community. Tri-M Officers Mars Wu, Hannah Park, Gene Balian, Lucy Gamble, and Sarah Rinzan also received the award for “Outstanding Leadership” for their hard work to make this year a success. 

Congratulations to all of the new members, and to all of the continuing members as well! If you’re in a music ensemble, definitely consider joining Tri-M next year!