Prom Survival for Dummies

Now that spring is here–carrying with it stress from teachers pushing their regents prep with fervor- the anticipation for our school’s first in-person prom since 2019 is palpable. In all the excitement over outfit shopping, contemplating the damage to our bank accounts while buying tickets, and keeping our eyes peeled for promposals, it’s easy to forget the basics of what you need. That’s where this article comes in to guide you through the murky territory. First step:

  • Buy your tickets ASAP!!

Tickets will be on sale in the foyer during ninth period. From May 3rd to May 6th, tickets cost $50, but from May 9th to May 13th,  tickets cost $55 and will increase to $60 from May 16th to May 20th. Tickets are not available at the door so be sure to buy them now (and not lose them)!

  • Get your outfits! 

Don’t forget accessories and flowers! Remember: last minute shopping is done best at 1 a.m., wildly surfing through Amazon while your date yells at you to buy a corsage that matches their outfit. 

  • Treat yourself!

Whether it be doing your hair in a new way or putting on those brand new pairs of shoes, try some new things. Call your prom group over and bear becoming their human mannequin for a while. It will be well worth it in the end.

  • Get some grub!

While snacks and refreshments will be provided, it’s never a bad idea to fill up at your favorite dinner spot beforehand! Similarly, keep your hours open for after parties.

  • Try not to crash on your way to Drumlins!

Doors open at 8 p.m and no new admittance will be allowed after 10 p.m. Bring everything you need with you as you will not be readmitted after leaving.

  • Have Fun!!

Don’t be afraid to show off your dance moves on the floor and don’t be scared to hoard the snack table sometimes. Put off that math homework and burn your reference tables since this is a no school work zone!

While there, try to: 

  • Congratulate the class officers on how great the decorations look!
  • Spot a dress with pockets (and steal it for me)!
  • Thank the DJ!
  • And ignore how much debt our class is in (we can always pass it off to the sophomores)!