How to Create Your Best School Schedule!


Buzz staff

Course catalogs and schedule forms are available in the counseling center.

Now that we have completed the first half of the current school year, the time has come to create our schedules for the next year. After looking through the course catalogs, try to figure out the classes that would best meet your goals. Be sure to take your time with your scheduling decisions to make sure that you are confident in the classes that you have chosen.

Although your teachers will recommend you for the classes that they think will be best for you, the decision is ultimately yours. It is important to have conversations with your parents before you meet with your school counselor to register for your classes. However, you should not take a class only because others would like you to do so. Also, whether or not your fellow classmates will be taking the same classes that you plan to take should not affect your decision.

Be sure to take into consideration the workload of the overall class schedule. If you would like to take more challenging classes such as Honors or AP Classes, you should be aware of the amount of time and effort that will be needed in order to successfully complete the course. It is important to not become overwhelmed with the amount of school work that you take on and to organize your time accordingly. Try to balance the time needed for course work with extracurriculars, jobs, and family commitments.

Priority is given to upperclassmen when counselors place students in elective classes. This will often be done if a senior needs to take a certain class in order to graduate. Each student will be given a scheduling form to fill out along with the 2022-2023 course catalog. The Juniors’ scheduling form must be completed by the beginning of February. Each week the next grade must have their classes chosen, with Sophomores, Freshmen, and Eighth graders, respectively, ready to discuss their schedules with their counselors.

Even though these scheduling decisions will be made in February, each student will find in their mailbox a list of the classes that they are going to take in the Spring. Please remember that although your scheduling form must be completed and turned in during the month of February, you can always alter the classes that you would like to take as long as you contact your counselor about these changes sooner rather than later.

If you have any questions or concerns about the scheduling process or the specific classes that you are interested in, you can always contact your counselor or your current teachers.