Hillside’s special Santa program


From Hillside.com

The deadline for donations for the Special Santa event is December 11th.

Every year, the Hillside Foundation serves thousands of families through an annual toy-and-gift drive.  This holiday season, you can help them to do that during their annual “Special Santa” program. Special Santa has donated gifts to thousands of families in New York and Maryland every holiday season for nearly 40 years.

The Hillside Foundation is a non-profit human services organization. According to its website, Hillside staff work with individuals and families in the community in order to “provide individualized health, education and human services through an integrated system of care.” Some examples of the services that they provide are crisis interventions and support, resources for foster care, family resources, and residential treatment.

According to Hillside’s website, the holiday giving program is “a true community collaboration that unites compassionate individual donors and every Hillside staff member.” This program involves members of the community by allowing them to shop online or to donate money, all to lift the spirits of children and families in need this winter.

By shopping online, those who choose to donate can see the items that will be donated to children in their community, adding to the sense of giving during this holiday season. Using an online Amazon Wishlist, anyone can see and purchase the wish lists of children and families in need. The items are shipped directly to Hillside, and then are distributed for the holidays. Items on the wish list can be purchased until Saturday, December 11.

Another way to help Hillside this holiday season is by donating money directly to Hillside’s Special Santa Fund, helping to “brighten the holidays for thousands of children in need.” Any items on the Amazon Wishlist that did not get purchased by donors in the community on time will be purchased using these donated funds.

All of these donations total over 10,000 holiday gifts distributed to families every year. This holiday season, consider donating to those in need. You can make a difference!