The silent rise of antisemitic hate crimes



A January 2020 rally demonstrates strong opposition to antisemitism.

If you’re like me, you often spend time at some point in your day reading the latest news headlines. From news sources ranging from CNN to Wall Street Journal, I often see a pattern in these headlines. President Joe Biden or New COVID variant discovered in (insert location) are a few examples of articles plaguing the everyday news industry.

But it is constant, to the point where I often see little to no variety. It worries me that in a world with so much going on, only a few topics are getting the spotlight while so many major issues get pushed into the dark.

One of the silenced issues is antisemitism. An issue that always has cursed America, but especially lately. It’s disappointing that the only major coverage of antisemitic hate crimes comes from mainly Jewish-run news sources or organizations dedicated to fighting and addressing the violent stigma against Jewish people.

Antisemitic hate crimes are threatening the Jewish community on a daily basis, ranging from vandalism of Jewish Community Centers to lethal attacks. On April 1st, a Jewish couple in Lower Manhattan fell victim to a spontaneous knife attack. The attacker viciously cut the families one-year-old child on the chin, continuing to slash the mother on her lip and the father on his head. Although there were no fatalities, this violent assault represents yet another hate crime with little to no coverage. The lack of coverage results in severe consequences—a lack of critical awareness of antisemitism.

Another incident reported on April 2nd involves another New York-based attack. A 13-year-old girl aided by two other kids was seen throwing trash and spitting at a Jewish Orthodox man. When the authorities arrived, the 13-year-old bit an intervening police officer while the two accomplices were free to go. I’ll give you a moment to guess how much coverage this event received… you understand the pattern going on here.

The only people noticing this pattern is the very group it’s affecting: Jewish people. With the American media turning a blind eye to these antisemitic behaviors, hate against Jewish people is only being enabled. Reassured by a mask of anonymity and a simple slap on the wrist from law enforcement, it’s a golden age for antisemitic attacks.