Should Tom Brady call it quits?

Tom Brady in his first year with the Buccaneers gets ready to start a play on offense.

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Tom Brady has indicated that he wants to continue to play with the Buccaneers next season and beyond.

G.O.A.T.  The greatest of all time, this is what Tom Brady is for football. He is the greatest to ever do it. You don’t agree? Let me share some stats with you. 

Tom Brady has been in the league for a whopping 20 years and during that span, he has been to the Super Bowl 10 times and brought the Lombardi trophy home 7 of those times, That is 18% of all Super Bowls. And of those 7 wins, he has won Super Bowl MVP an astounding 4 times. That is crazy, and just to show how crazy those 7 rings are… that is more than the Bears, Jets, Saints, Rams, Seahawks, Eagles, Bills, Falcons, Vikings, Bengals, Panthers, Chargers, Titans, Cardinals, Browns, Lions, Texans, and Jaguars COMBINED!

But many are saying that it just might be time for Tom to throw in the towel. And personally, as a lifelong Patriots fan and Tom Brady enthusiast, I am one of those people. I am a big fan of going out on top and that is what I think he should do. 

At the age of 43, he just won his seventh Super Bowl making him the oldest starting player to ever win one. But his season this past year was nothing like the days of yore. He struggled throughout the regular season, and the team’s defense played a much larger role in the playoff run than he did. The stellar Tampa Bay defense led by young linebacker Devin White locked Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, holding him to just 270 yards passing and 2 interceptions as well as a disappointing 0 touchdowns. 

And Brady was no All Star. Throughout the regular season, he threw the most picks he has since he was with the Patriots back in 2009. He even threw 4 picks in just the first 4 games. He simply doesn’t look like prime G.O.A.T Tom Brady, and if I were in his shoes, I would take that 7th ring and run before I end up being a 50-year-old third string QB and the laughing stock of the league. 

I think that if he wants to preserve his image as essentially a god among men when it comes to football, he should retire with this win. Because the longer he stays in the league from here, the harder it will be to perform at the level he needs to to be a winning QB. 

But being a die-hard New England Patriots fan as well as someone who follows the NFL, I know that this man wants to play until he is 50, and he will not step down from his throne until he is physically incapable of bending down to take that snap.  So while I hope he goes out this year, in my heart I know he won’t. See ya next year Tom.