F-M’s free school lunches: a mystery box

The pandemic has brought unfathomable and difficult changes to school, from mask wearing to social distancing. But a more positive change are the free lunches currently offered at school. I never liked the general school lunches, preferring the more expensive paninis instead, but I took the dive in the beginning of the school year and ordered one of the school’s permanent lunch options, the pizza, and it shocked me how good it tasted. Not to mention it’s currently free! 

Some of the best meals offered at the school include beef and chicken tacos, pancakes and sausages, beef and tater tots, and chicken bacon ranch wrap. Other meals include fries, nuggets, and spaghetti.  Each day, you can go on the school lunch website to look up which meals are offered as lunch specials for that day. However, it’s not every day they serve the same lunch special, and there are a surprising number of different specials offered. 

Even so, the standard school lunch, the pizza, is also very good. I have noticed the shape of the pizza changing every now and then; some days it’s a circle, other times it takes the form of a triangle, and most recently, it takes the shape of a square. There are differences in taste and style among the various shapes.

Another permanent lunch option is the salad, which again, tastes incredible. The school lunch can be synonymous with a mystery box. Sometimes I order salad with meat and it also gives me dressing (sometimes ranch, sometimes italian), or croutons, but both additions are seemingly random. The salad is a great alternative for vegetarians or those who want a light appetizer. 

The last aspect of school lunches are the sides and drinks. Drinks consist of white milk, chocolate milk, and juice. The juice can be apple or grape, and sometimes even orange. Sides can be anything between chicken nuggets to green beans, you just have to be lucky to get your choice.

Reflecting on the numerous options for the school lunches, however, should not be eclipsed by the importance of ordering the food itself. I usually search up “fm high school lunch order form” to get to the school page that lists out all the specials for that day, as well as the google form link to place orders. Each order needs to be submitted before 9 am the day of, meaning you can order the night before.

My favorite part of the school day is when I grab my school lunch on the way from fourth period to my wellness break. As I sit down, I’m bubbling from excitement and the sudden wave of hunger. What will I discover today? What will I find?