Fall Play Recap


Performances of the Fall Play, Commedia de 1987, have come and gone, and so a review of the experience is due. Considering some setbacks that caused a bit of stress during the show, the cast and crew faced those challenges and put on an incredible show all three nights.

 For those not involved in the making of the production, there may be some confusion as to how this year’s play was put together. Although advertised as an “improv show,” this does not mean that the lines were improvised during the performances. Instead, an overall plot was written, along with general outlines of specific scenarios. After the actors knew where the plot was going in the show, they began improvising the lines to fit the scenarios mentioned. These improv sessions were recorded and turned into an actual script, changing some things around to make the show flow smoother. As you may have assumed, the writing of the script in the beginning of the rehearsal process put the cast a week or so behind where they would normally be. This was a slight challenge to some, also realizing that this was a completely new and different experience for everyone involved.

As to be expected in live theater, things happen that you may not have planned for. During their first performance, a few entrances were missed, and some real improv happened on stage, but the cast and crew recovered quickly and put on a hilarious opening night. After another two phenomenal performances on Friday and Saturday, members of the show had an after show cast party. Through talking with the cast, it seemed as though everyone involved in the play loved and cared for each other so much. You could feel the energy afterward, knowing that something that you worked that hard on, and spent so much time bonding with everyone in it, is all over. It was a bitter-sweet experience especially for the seniors, with this being their last fall play. But now, most involved in the play are onto a new era of the school year for the spring musical, The Little Mermaid.