Winter holiday song rankings

The ultimate question many of us grapple with often relates to what our favorite thing is. Answers can be definitive, but there is always that voice in the back of your mind saying, “Is that really the best answer?”

Of the people I interviewed about their number one holiday song, the overwhelming choice was Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Next up on the list was either “No idea” or “I don’t like Christmas songs.”  There was no possible competitor for Carey’s masterpiece.

Below are my personal (but not expert) thoughts:

Number One: The Nutcracker

While it may not have any lyrics, the entire ballet is a spectacular thing to watch. The music is also fun and difficult to play. The Nutcracker has a corresponding plotline too, unlike many shorter Holiday songs that focus on some specific aspect of the winter months.

Number Two: “Sleigh Ride”

Fast and upbeat, this song is the perfect example of one that does not get stuck in your head for too long, but it is still enjoyable to listen to. It could be said that it is a better version of “Jingle Bells,” but it is merely a different version that some appreciate more, and you cannot appreciate less.

Number Three: “Silver Bells”

Even if you do not celebrate Christmas, the smooth voice of Bing Crosby is calming whenever it is on the radio. The master singer is able to embody a traditional holiday spirit in many songs.

Number Four: “All I Want For Christmas is You” (Mariah Carey)

One person I surveyed referred to this song as one of the classics, even though it has been around for considerably less time than other items on this list. The idea that someone should not look for only monetary gifts during the holidays (not just for Christmas) is a powerful one and makes for a popular song.

Number Five: “White Christmas” (Original from the movie)

Many songs are intensely either liked or disliked depending on who you talk to, but “White Christmas” is one of those classics that it is hard not to dislike. Granted, there are some “interesting” remakes, but any song has that. Sometimes it is too easy to get one’s hopes up about an actual white christmas though.

Make sure to listen to some holiday songs other than these top 5 this winter too, as there are many “Clausome” or “Kwanzamsomesauce” or “More than Men[orah]ial” songs to be discovered.