What Is the Best Christmas Movie?


Joshua Herrera

The version of the Grinch story with Jim Carey as the lead is a popular holiday movie.

As we are already elbow deep into the holiday season and Christmas is right around the corner, I thought that I would shine some light onto a debate that has been around for a very long time: What is the best Christmas movie? I went around and surveyed 100 FM students and a few teachers about what movie they thought held the title, and the results may cause some controversy. 

The award for “Best Christmas Movie” goes to… Home Alone! 27% of the participants spoke their minds saying a kid being left at home during the holiday season is far greater than any other movie. Now, I do not know why they chose this movie, but I guess that it is because they want the same thing to happen to them. Perhaps even catching a few goofy criminals to be a family hero might be fun.

Our runner up? 18% of you all protested that Elf is the best one out there. And, although I think this movie is a tad overrated, who does not love seeing Will Ferrell cause a ruckus around New York City in an elf suit. 

Third place actually resulted in a tie; 8% of the students proclaimed that National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation holds the right to be called “Best Christmas Movie.” But another 8% proclaimed that Die Hard rules over all when it comes to Christmas movies. In my opinion, Die Hard deserves the number one spot. And yes, Die Hard is a Christmas Movie!

The movies that did not make the top three include The Nightmare Before Christmas, just barely missing the mark with 7% of the votes, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas with 6%. White Christmas and a few other movies were sprinkled in there, but sadly they just did not get enough recognition. 

Now, I think the debate on which Christmas movie is the best will go on forever. But who can blame anyone; Christmas movies are a staple during the holiday time, especially when you live in a state like New York where snow days are rather common. I hope that anyone who is reading this has a great holiday season!