A Glimmer of H.O.P.E.


Club H.O.P.E founders Claire Lee and Sara Kronenberg pose in front of their Activities Fair poster.

One of FM’s newest clubs, Club H.O.P.E. is also possibly one of the most timely. Named after the popular quote “Hold On, Pain Ends” the group seeks to fill a void in our school community: a support group for body image and combatting diet culture. The prevalence of mental illness is often overlooked especially when it comes to our relationships with food and exercise, and this new club hopes to shed some light on this area. 

Club H.O.P.E. ‘s mission includes redefining what “healthy” means with an all foods fit mindset, address toxic diet culture, break the stigma on disordered eating and just have a supportive environment for individuals to share their struggles. 

Its founders, seniors Claire Lee and Sara Kronenberg, are very passionate about the club. “I just want to help others,” said Kronenberg, “I have always wanted to tell the stories of the mountains I’ve climbed in hopes they become a page in someone’s survival guide. I hope this club can be one form of that.”  

 Club H.O.P.E. will have a myriad of activities including open discussion groups, crafts, bonding work, and more. The club also hopes to bring in some professionals to speak on the topic as well and spread awareness throughout the school. 

The club advisors are Mrs. Bauder, the high school health teacher, as well as two adults from the counseling center, Ms. Pierce and Mrs. Biondo. The selection for leadership was quite strategic as the group is really trying to make connections between physical and mental health. The adults are able to provide immense insight based on their education and professional work. 

Other unique features of the club include the truly safe environment that is created. Members are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement stating they will not talk about others outside the club without their permission. Similarly, the club strays away from triggering topics and refrains from using specific numbers or behaviors related to food and exercise. 

The group had its first meeting on October 25th with an amazing turnout and engagement level. Regular meetings will take place every other week on Wednesdays in Mrs. Bauder’s room, 1121 in the FACS hallway. The next meeting will occur on November 16th with topics including positive image and self love. 

Be sure to contact any of the leadership or check out the Instagram page @fm_club_hope for information on upcoming meetings.