“Smile” Movie Review

The greatly awaited 2022 thriller, Smile, recently premiered in theaters on September 30th. The movie was talked about all summer, gaining a large social media presence. The current Google audience rating is a 4/5.

After seeing the movie a few weeks ago, I was impressed by the quality of the film. The concept of the plot was actually quite interesting for a horror movie, which often tend to have a tedious plot. However, I would not necessarily call the movie horror. I would say it is more suspenseful than typical horror movies, and truly was more disturbing than anything. 

The main character, Dr. Rose Cotter, goes through a series of trials and tribulations after witnessing an unexplainable event while seeing a patient. She begins encountering alarming things and having frightening experiences that will not go away. These extraordinary happenings lead her to believe that she is dealing with paranormal entities. The terror that has struck a newly traumatized Rose’s life urges her to face her demons head on and escape what has become her reality.

There were many jumpscares throughout the film. The suspenseful music that was added truly tied the film together and made the jumpscares even more terrifying. Additionally, many have critiqued the ending of the film, deeming it “awful,” which I would agree with. 

Overall, the movie exuded a heavily creepy vibe, and the horrifying smiles of the characters in the film will remain ingrained in your head long after you watch the movie. Smile is still in theaters, so go see it while you can…Happy Halloween FM!