To build a float: Class of 2025

The sophomore float was created in a garage.

During the week of September 30th, the four classes got together to decorate floats for Homecoming 2022. The float themes were based on the four seasons, and after the seniors and juniors selected winter and summer, the sophomore Class of 2025 chose the season of fall as their theme! The sophomore class was excited to be able to work with this topic, and the first step was to come up with ideas and designs.

The planning and design process was one of the toughest parts of the entire project. The class office of 2025 got together on call to discuss ideas, such as filling the mural with ghosts, pumpkins, or even turkeys! However, the most popular idea to arise was to have four pumpkins in the foreground, carved to represent the numbers 2025. Beyond that, more disagreements arose, such as it being day or night, or having a plane in the sky, puffy clouds or a giant moon. 

On September 25th, the process of decorating the float began. On this first day, the designs were further passed along to other sophomores, and a final design was reached. The design was then transferred onto the wooden board, and it was time for painting! The next day, painting was started, as well as the painting of the wood. The process was quite enjoyable, and the sophomore class got together to paint the leaves and letters around the moon. However, there was a disagreement on the exact color of the letters surrounding the moon. Some people wanted the letters to be purple, yet others wanted the color to be maroon. After a long debate, maroon was decided on, yet a white outline was needed to make the letters pop out. While few still believe purple was the right color, more opinions are welcome on this matter.

After the painting of the float was completed, it became time to work on the wooden supports for the board. There was first a perimeter of wood around the board, and then more wooden pillars to support the board. At the end of this process, the board seemed sturdy enough to stand! The next day was Homecoming, and there was still plenty of work left to do. Paper leaves of many different colors were hot glued to the back of the board to appear as if the leaves from the trees were extruding from the board. 

After this, the board seemed all ready to carry to the high school. A twenty minute walk commenced, with many sophomores carrying the board. Once at the track, the board was placed down. However, there was a major issue. The board could not stand and it fell over! The supports were most likely bent on the way over, and panic ensued. However, rescue was on the way, as two very helpful parents came with extra nails and spare wooden supports. A sturdier base was then created, and the float could finally stand again. After this, red, orange, and yellow streamers were added to the bottom of the board, and corn stalks were placed on the sides. And finally, the float was fully built! The sophomore class is extremely proud of their work, and are even more excited for the future of the class. Hopefully you attended Homecoming and saw all the floats!