The History Bowl

Do you love to learn and engage in conversations about history? If so, the History Bowl is a great club for you to join at the high school where you can express your love and knowledge of world history through competitions. 

The History Bowl is a set of buzzer-based team competitions. It begins at regional levels and can go all the way to national competitions, which the History Bowl has reached pre-covid! The competitions are fun but challenging at the same time which makes it great for students who like the challenge!

Teamwork is extremely important in the History Bee, the club hosts weekly meetings where you get ready with your peers for the competitions with a series of practice questions and mini competitions. You will also help your teammates prepare for upcoming competitions during the meetings.  

Why join the History Bee? Even though the constant preparation for upcoming competitions may seem time consuming, the things you learn in the club can really be beneficial to any active member. Learning history is important in gaining knowledge that can help in school, trivia games, or just something you can keep in mind as a fun fact. 

If you have a love for history, if you are good at history, or if you are simply interested in learning more about the world, joining the History Bowl would be a great decision for you! The History Bowl offers a friendly environment that welcomes everyone who is excited to learn. Come to room 1214 any Monday to join!