Syracuse holds a March Against Gun Violence tomorrow

Sandy Hook, 2012. The Buffalo Shooting, 2022. The Texas Shooting, 2022. In every single one of these, children – elementary school aged – were killed in school shootings. There are countless others killed in high schools, middle schools, other shootings, and every single time we hear everyone say “no more”, over and over.But this keeps happening. How can it be ‘no more’ when nothing has been ended, when nothing has been done? How much longer do we keep hearing about this, about more tragedies without a solution?

Come to the March Against Gun Violence on June 11th, 2022, from 12-3pm. The march will go from the Everson Museum of Art, 401 Harrington Street in Syracuse to 100 Clinton Street. 

The time to stop this violence, to stop these deaths, to make ‘no more’ into a reality, is here, and the time to take action is now!