Boys’ and girls’ tennis teams host fundraising scrimmage


Rachel Alpert

The tennis players listen to instructions on the scrimmage format from Mr. McGuigan.

FM’s boys’ and girls’ tennis teams hosted a mixed doubles fundraising scrimmage on Saturday, May 7th, 2022. The community was invited to support their fellow tennis players and donate to the FM Food Pantry. Nonperishable foods and monetary donations were accepted and greatly appreciated. Members from both jv and varsity teams were excited to play tennis matches with their peers and support a great cause.

While the girls’ tennis teams have held fundraisers during previous seasons, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, this was the first event that the girls’ and boys’ teams collaborated on, which made the fundraising scrimmage particularly exceptional.

Mr. McGuigan, the boys’ varsity tennis coach, organized the event, collected donations, and formed the two person teams and the matches that they would play in. Mr. Rudolph, the girls’ varsity tennis coach and the boys’ jv tennis coach, was also there in support of the fundraising event.  

There were twenty-three teams that each consisted of one member from the current boys’ team, either jv or varsity, and one member from the girls’ team from the previous fall season. Each pair played a minimum of two matches and were guaranteed a double elimination. This meant that if a team were to lose a game, then they were still guaranteed another match, no matter their ranking.  

Mr. McGuigan believes that this event was important to the tennis teams as well as the FM community. “One of the things that has been happening now, especially with the food bank, is that the cost of food has multiplied and a lot of times they haven’t budgeted for this much inflation and any help they can get right now is really important,” said Mr. McGuigan. “I think it’s great too that they are not only going out and playing tennis, but they are doing it for a good cause.”

The FM tennis teams were extremely successful in their fundraising for the Food Pantry as they received $655 and multiple big bins filled with supplies and food items. Community members were very grateful that FM tennis provided the opportunity for family and friends to give back and to help those in need!