Inside the Hornet Nest

FM student fans cheer on the football team, mostly dressed in red for the school’s “Red Out” event.

As a sense of normalcy returns following the recent pandemic, it seems as though fans at FM athletic events are even more excited than usual to support their teams. his energy transfers directly to the way that athletes perform.

From encouraging all supporters to go all in for themes like “White Out,” the theme for the Homecoming game, to starting chants that could startle neighboring school districts, the energy of the FM student section is unparalleled. What better represents school spirit than a packed, cheering student section under the lights on a Friday night?

At FM this year, most would agree that the Hornet’s Nest has an unmatched energy that affects the players, which also helps to build a more supportive community within the district. Senior varsity soccer player Milo Sinclair expressed that “[Having a student section] shows that us playing really matters and fosters a real sense of community among the students.”

When asked if having a student section positively affects how they perform, 100% of over 50 polled student athletes responded “Yes.” Many used the word “electric” to describe the atmosphere of games with student sections, which reflects the attitudes of both the fans and the players. From an athlete’s perspective, having supporters makes you want to perform better, both for them and for your team. Varsity field hockey defender Maggie Crisafulli said, “Having a supportive environment motivates us as a team, there is also no better feeling than having a crowd erupt in excitement when we score.”

To senior varsity football captain Chris Hoalcraft, having a student section at their games shows how “our student body comes together to support the people they’re close with and some people they may not even know.” Not only do the fans show up to support their friends, but they cheer for everyone on the team and support the athletic community as a whole. Sophomore Evan Terreri agreed, saying, “You could know no one in the student section and everyone would act like your best friends.”

FM’s student athlete community is full of undeniable support between sports. From jv teams cheering on varsity teams, or vice versa, to different sports coming to each other’s games, the support resonates throughout the district. Junior Alana Isley, a member of the varsity girls’ soccer team, said, “FM’s student section is a loyal bunch of fan’s and is special as many of them I know play other sports. Knowing that we go to their games and they come to ours really just shows how important sports are to the community, especially after not having true seasons last year.”

What makes FM’s student section different, though? It’s the sense of community that is brought to every game, not just the sports that most schools emphasize. Senior Talia Cavalline, a varsity volleyball captain as well as a varsity lacrosse goalie, said, “Everyone goes to every sport. There are big student sections at soccer, volleyball, and football games, both home and away.”

As well, senior varsity girls’ soccer player Brennan Jolly said, “I think that our student section is different from other schools because of the diversity of events we frequent. Almost all home games have people watching them which is amazing! I also think our energy is really great and better than other schools.”

The energy in the student section is only going uphill, as well. Senior varsity girls soccer captain Kendall Clark said, “It means a lot seeing as in past years girls soccer never really got any students to come out to games. It shows how people care.”

The support for FM’s athletic community is arguably unmatched by any other school in the 315, at the least. So, what does that mean, FM? It means as playoffs continue, keep showing up, being loud, being proud, and supporting our hard-working teams. Go Hornets!